Newchapel Junction New Goods Yard

This is a selection of photos showing how, over 5 months, we built a goods yard extension to Newchapel Junction. This involved widening the layout between the main terminus station and the circle. We created two new sidings at the back of the layout to expand the existing yard to form a 5-road goods yard. The main features added include a coal staithe, cattle pen, yard crane, end loading bay and a goods shed. The goods yard was first exhibited at Brighton Modelworld in February 2008. The photos are divided up into 4 main sections. These are building the boards, scenery attached to the boards, removable scenery and the final result.

Section 1 - Building the boards

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The track design was finalised, and the boards were built.

Track on the original adjacent board was removed to make way for the new turnout into the New Goods Yard. The rest of the track was then laid.

Wiring alterations to work the New Goods Yard were carried out to the original adjacent boards. Wiring on the new boards was then carried out.

The New Goods Yard and the adjacent boards were set up for testing. A complete test of all the new wiring and track was carried out, and no faults were found.

Four transport boxes were built for the three boards and the goods shed.

Section 2 - Scenery attached to the boards

Ballast was added to the new track.

The raised cattle dock and end loading bay were built. The cattle pen fencing was then built and attached to the loading dock along with the sheep.

The grass banks were made and the grass added. A cut-out in the bank was made together with scratch-built tools and buckets.

The coal staithe was built and spray painted. Real coal was then added.

The water trough for the cattle pen was assembled using an accurately machined brass block to facilitate its building.

Section 3 - Removable scenery

The yard crane was built and painted.

The Austin BO28 1926 tractor received a trace of weathering.

The coal cart was built and painted.

The Southern Railway's Scammel lorry was built and painted.

The goods shed was built from scratch.

The figures and other removable scenery were painted and tried in place on the boards.

Section 4 - The final result

The final result as seen at Brighton Modelworld 2008.

Click here to see the building of the New Goods Yard in detail