Newchapel Junction Locomotive Yard

This is a selection of photos showing how we built a new Locomotive Yard extension for Newchapel Junction. This involved motorising the existing turntable, and constructing a locomotive depot behind the turntable. This has dramatically improved this end of the layout, and has enabled a greater variety of locomotives to run on the layout. The Locomotive yard was first exhibited at The London Festival of Railway Modelling in March 2009. The photos are divided up into 5 main sections which are; building the boards and laying the track, motorising the turntable, wiring up the boards, the scenery, and the final result.

Section 1 - Building the boards and laying the track

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The track design was finalised, and the ash pits cut out.

The board was fully assembled then the track was laid.

Section 2 - Motorising the turntable

The main centre bearing for the turntable was manufactured.

The turntable drive plate was made together with the turntable rollers.

The hub which secures the indexing plate to the turntable shaft was manufactured, and the indexing plate attached to the hub.

The motor drive to the indexing plate, the locking arm and the detection arm were all made and fitted.

Section 3 - Wiring up the boards

The two control panels were made and wired up.

The printed circuit boards were made for the new board and the new board was wired up.

The printed circuit boards were made for the turntable board and the turntable board was wired up.

Section 4 - The Scenery

The front of a loco shed was made and painted.

The rest of the scenery, including a sand drying furnace, water columns and a fire iron stand, were made and added.

Section 5 - The Final Result

The completed Loco Yard was displayed at its first exhibition at The London Festival of Railway Modelling at Alexandra Palace in March 2009.

Click here to see the building of the Locomotive Yard in detail