Layout Sections

Newchapel Junction is a modular layout which may be set-up with or without a single-line branch which diverges from the main line and leads to a terminus station. For detailed views of the actual track layouts see the Track Plans page.

Main Layout

The main layout comprises the main terminus station, Newchapel Junction, which is connected to a double-track main-line circuit via a triangular junction.

Newchapel Junction is a large main-line station with 4 platforms which may accommodate up to 8-coach trains. A semi-automatic turntable and loco yard at the end of the station enables incoming engines to be released, turned and either go “on shed” or to be made available to take up their next duty. A goods loop around the back of the station permits freight trains of 20 wagons to be looped clear of the main line and propelled into the goods yard reception road.

The main running loops include another small station, Newchapel Town, which is located between two of the junctions forming the triangle. There is a connection from the main running loop to the other end of the large goods yard where near continuous shunting of incoming and outgoing freight trains takes place.

A busy sequence of passenger and freight train movements between the operators at the Newchapel Junction and Newchapel Town ends of the layout is controlled by combined train-describer block instruments.

Main Layout with Branch Line Terminus

When the layout is operated with the branch-line terminus attached, additional passenger and freight trains operate to and from Newchapel Junction and have to be slotted in between the main-line trains. Movements on the single-line section are controlled by block instruments and bell codes.

The branch-line terminus station, Sidport Regis, represents a typical Southern Railway station serving a small seaside town which is enjoying a growth in holiday traffic. Whilst the pace of life here is less frantic than on the rest of the layout, there is a frequent service of local passenger and freight trains together with the occasional excursion.

The station itself comprises two platform faces and a small goods yard. The semaphore signals, which are fully lit and motorised, together with the points are all controlled by a mechanically interlocked lever frame.