Newchapel Junction 'O' Gauge Model Railway

Newchapel Junction is a large privately-owned finescale O Gauge layout representing the post-grouping period and based somewhere in the Yeovil area where the SR and GWR ran together. The layout is largely semaphore signalled with the signals electrically interlocked with the points. Combined train-describer block instruments are used to control movements between the main terminus station and the main running lines.

The layout can be assembled with or without a single-line branch which diverges from the main line and leads to a terminus station. See the 'Layout Sections' and 'Layout Track Plan' pages for more details.

We recreate the impression of a busy railway in its heyday with frequent arrivals and departures from the main station. The locomotives in use vary from large main-line express passenger types to humble tank engines of both SR and GWR origin. Engines from trains arriving at the main station proceed to the loco yard to be turned on the semi-automatic power-operated turntable before either going on shed and being replaced by a fresh engine or returning to their trains for the next outbound movement. A large 5-road goods yard enables continuous shunting and remarshalling of freight trains. The layout also includes a double-track main-line circuit where trains can be seen running at speed.

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